Dealers Of Toyota Go With AutoSoft

More and more dealers are shifting to Toyota Motors. And the solutions to the mounting need are fast computers to ensure excellent connectivity. Several dealers use the dealer management system (DMS) to manually enter the data into the factory’s online interface.

However, majority of dealers and many other makes that have direct DMS integration are saying that its simplicity and affordability make the transactions with the vernacular, a no-brainer.

Cliff Wheeler, principal at Wheeler Toyota, Grants Pass says, “If I could get Toyota integration I would go from completely satisfied to extremely satisfied with my DMS, but it already delivers more capabilities and more reporting than anyone can use. We might have one additional employee because we don’t have this integration, but this system is still much less expensive than other systems.”

In regard to the affordability aspect, Craig Marr, fixed operations director and IT administrator for Chuck Patterson Auto World, a Chico, CA store dualed with Dodge-Jeep and Mazda says, “We save $9,000 a month by not using one of the Big 2.”

Chuck Spadafora dealer principal at Colonial Toyota, Indiana, PA says, “We can so easily look up invoices and histories, service and parts – even special orders – which makes up for the lack of integration with Toyota’s Dealer Daily. The system’s overall convenience makes up for the time we take to manually enter data into Dealer Daily.”

Some of the dealers asked Toyota Motor Sales USA why they never integrated with the AutoSoft DMS. According to Kim Hudson of Hudson Toyota Chrysler, Madisonville, KY, “They don’t really give me answer.”

On the other side of it, Toyota made a statement through its spokesperson. The company said “I was unable to get the information you requested. Evidently, it’s not something that is given out to the public and is considered proprietary.”

Many dealers favor AutoSoft integration to have speedy transactions regarding sales of Toyota parts and vehicles. Moreover, they are looking forward to achieve such integration in the near future.

Cool Toyota Accessories For Your Vehicle

Toyota parts and Toyota accessories are world renowned for their quality, reliability, and innovation. While Toyotas already come equipped with a wide range of excellent features, many drivers desire even more gadgets, storage solutions, and other cool accessories.

If you’ve been thinking about what accessories you should purchase for your Toyota, I’ve created a list of some of our favorite cool Toyota accessories for your vehicle. This is just a few of the many great Toyota accessories designed for every make and model. Just like Toyotas themselves, Toyota accessories are reliable and designed to perfection. Check out my list right now and use it to get started filling your Toyota full of high quality accessories.

Remote Engine Starter

The remote engine starter is one of the coolest accessories available for newer Toyota models. Integrated into your existing Toyota keyless entry remote, the engine starter starts your engine as easily as you normally open your car door. It will also turn on your heater, your air conditioning, or even your defroster before you even get into the car.

This means that you will no longer have to enter into a blisteringly hot or freezing cold car and endure the harsh temperature as your vehicle slowly becomes more comfortable. With the remote engine starter, you can make your car a comfortable temperature and fully ready to drive before you even open the front door.

Roof Racks

If you’re into the outdoors, you can’t go wrong with roof racks available for larger Toyota vehicles. Specially designed for either skis or bikes, a roof rack makes transporting your equipment safe and easy. This is a must for anyone who regularly goes skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, BMX racing, or similar activities.

Shift Knobs

If you drive a manual transmission, it’s nice to have a shift knob that looks and feels great. From racing inspired carbon fiber titanium finish knobs to sporty black leather knobs, there are shift knobs with a color and feel to meet your tastes. This is a great way to express your individuality and customize your driving experience. Some knobs are also available for automatic transmissions.

Satellite Radio Receiver Kit

Upgrading to satellite radio is a lot like going from an old dial up internet connection to a blazing fast cable internet connection. The satellite radio receiver kit looks great on your Toyota and gives you all of the best satellite radio channels. The radio is integrated into the head unit of your car and is a great way to make your commutes more enjoyable. While there is an additional subscription fee involved, I can tell you from experience that once you start enjoying satellite radio, you will never want to go back to regular radio stations again.

There are many more excellent Toyota parts and Toyota accessories to choose from and you are sure to find a few that perfectly suit your needs. Even if you already enjoy your Toyota driving experience, and I bet you do, adding those last few accessories changes an average Toyota driving experience into a great one.

Reaping Success Through Hardwork and Dedication

With hard work comes success. This had been the story so far for Toyota through the years. As one of the premiere auto makers in the world, this Japanese auto empire has spanned many continents from the United States, Europe, Asia, and many other countries. This is possible because of the company’s commitment of rolling out nothing but the best vehicles suited to the sophisticated tastes of its consumers. From mini-cars to heavy-duty trucks, Toyota vehicles have become a by-word brand in the automotive as consumers are assured of the performance, safety and reliability of its parts and accessories.

To trace its humble beginnings, Toyota Motor Corporation started out as a division of the market-leading weaving machinery manufacturer Toyota Automatic Loom in 1933. It achieved its sole operations in 1937 after successfully introducing two passenger car models and a truck model. However, Toyota only began producing cars commercially after the 2nd World War. Improvements followed afterwards as the Toyota Production System was established.

Once the cornerstone had been laid, innovations steadily perfected the unique Toyota craftsmanship in building high-class and top-performing vehicles. Since their cardinal philosophy was to provide the needs of the people, they started localing the production of the vehicles. The tenet worked out so successfully that they were able to build a rapport with the dealers and their employees, respectively. Their social commitment in providing services to the people transcended to actively participating in community activities like educational sponsorship and cultural programs.

Such a popular clout of Toyota vehicles is evidenced through millions of cars and truck roaming around the streets all over the world. The vehicles rolled out from numerous factories globally to produce a hefty number of vehicles domestically. To name a few, assembly lines for the Toyota vehicles are spawned in countries like China, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, South Africa, the United States, United Kingdom and France.

The values and work ethic of the company has shaped what Toyota is today. Aside from providing high-quality, scientifically-engineered vehicles, Toyota Motors makes it a point that every vehicle coming out of their assembly lines is a product of the latest state-of-the-art technology. A very vivid example of this is their line of hybrid vehicle models and their continuing research on hydrogen-fueled vehicles. Their line-up of cars which includes the Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Celica, Prius plus their lines of SUV’s, trucks and vans have technological advancements in them.

No wonder Toyota leaves a lasting impression among auto aficionados and those who know much about powerful and reliables vehicles. This kind of platform that gives an unforgettable driving pleasure is made possible by the quality Toyota parts and accessories by Toyota. The engine, transmission, doors, windows, seats, air conditioners, steering wheels, wheels, hoods, fenders, bumpers, amongst other others, are made with the finest and strongest materials designed to withstand through various conditions. These components and accessories have undergone through the scientific testings to make everything is working perfectly well.

In order to maintain that great Toyota look and performance, or if ever an enhancement needs to be done inside and out, aftermarket, factory, and OEM replacement parts are available online and through the nearest auto parts stores around. Varying sizes, colors, types, finishes and makes are abound depending on the specific needs or fits to the vehicle.

For every Toyota cruising around the streets bears the product of the hard work and dedication of its people in pursuit of excellence and maximum customer satisfaction. The quality parts and accessories are the building blocks that assure the performance, elegant styling, and reliability of the Toyota vehicle.