Accessorizing Your Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry is one of the most popular automobiles ever made. With the new 2011 Toyota Camry Hybrid parts and accessory options, owners can be proud to be driving the latest model in high tech style. This article will fill you in on some of the hottest trends in accessorizing the Camry Hybrid with genuine Toyota parts. Choosing this car shows you are a person of style, so let’s take it a step further and really give this fabulous car a personality of its own! A car with heated seats and a moon roof deserves a little pampering on the outside too.

One of the first things you should do is have the paint protection film applied to your car. This helps preserve the beauty of your Camry and can also help save money from all of those nicks, scratches and chips that you would otherwise have to repair yourself using genuine Toyota parts. The film is practically invisible and you’ll be much happier when you’re driving behind an eighteen wheeler blasting sand all over you. You could also choose to add the front end mask, which has the Camry logo for a more sporty look.

Now that you’ve chosen to be a wise and environmentally conscious consumer, don’t you want to let the world know? Of course you do! The gold “Hybrid Synergy Drive” applique is a nice addition to the side of any Toyota Camry Hybrid. You’re the cream of the crop, and your car is too, so why not show the world? It’s a beautiful applique that gives personality to you and your car. If you’re a more modest type person, you might be happier with the rear window sticker which has the simple words “Hybrid Synergy Drive” in white lettering on a clear background. You could also apply this sticker to the side windows if you prefer. There is also a rear bumper applique with the beautiful Toyota logo.

The third of the genuine Toyota parts I recommend was originally only available for the Camry Hybrid 50th Anniversary Special Edition vehicle, but now it’s available for all Camry owners in a “Smoke Chrome” finish. It’s the 16 inch, 15 spoke alloy wheel, and it’s a beauty. These light weight wheels also help with fuel efficiency and less vibration. You can also get chrome door handle covers, chrome mirror covers and chrome tail light bezel trim.

There are many more Toyota Camry parts and accessories to choose from, including a sport exhaust system, lowering springs, mudguards, rear spoilers and body side moldings. All of these are excellent choices, but the paint protection film and the alloy wheels are an excellent way to not only improve the looks of your Toyota Camry, but also to help preserve it and make it more efficient. Adding the flare of the applique or the sticker simply tells the world who you are and what you stand for, and that’s a good thing too. There are also many choices in car alarms to further protect your investment in your Toyota Camry. Enjoy the ride!