The Top Online Resources For Your Toyota

When shopping for a new or used Toyota, many people do not know the wealth of sources where quality information is available for them to see and use.

Once a customer has purchased a new or used Toyota, they need a way to maintain their car and keep it running for years to come. There are a variety of websites someone can use to make sure they can extend the life of their vehicle as long as possible.

Shopping For a New Toyota

When you are in the market for a new Toyota, you can use Toyota’s Payment Estimator tool to see what kind of financing is available to you. You can search for rebates and other great incentives available online at a few different places including and the Toyota Buyer’s Guide.

Another great tool is using the Toyota Nation’s Photo Gallery so you can see the car you are currently considering purchasing in action so to speak, and getting a chance to read what other people have already commented about it.

Servicing Your Toyota

You can get a Toyota Rewards Visa so you can earn points toward Toyota parts and accessories when you make any purchases using it.

Another helpful tool is the Toyota Scheduled Maintenance Guide, which keeps you on track to make sure your car is serviced on a regular basis. You can also lock in service rates with Toyota Auto Care Prepaid Maintenance which helps to protect you against rising service costs.

Toyota Resources

If you are new to using the Toyota Navigation system you can check out Toyota’s Navigation Publications that has manuals and guides on how to properly utilize the Toyota Navigation system. If you have ever lost your owner’s manual before, then you can obtain a new one using Toyota for Owner’s which helps you track down the proper manual for your car.

If you are more technically inclined you can purchase Toyota technical publications from Toyota Technical Publications where they make it extremely easy to search by model and year of your car.

Get Traffic Information

Using Navteq Traffic you can get live updates on traffic, weather, as well as road construction. If you are just concerned with major road accidents then you should use MSN Autos, which is a great resource and can also show you the top news stories of the day.

The Weather Channel Interstate Forecast Conditions shows you all weather related conditions across the United States and includes details like road conditions and traffic flow.

Best Price Gas

If you are looking to get the best price on gas for your Toyota vehicle a great website to use is Gas Buddy. This site shows you the cheapest gas sorted by city, state, and zip code. If you just want to compare different gas prices of the stations in your area you can use Gas Price Watch, which also lets you easily sort the information by city, state, and zip code.