Truck Parts and Accessories for Better Truck Security

A truck can be an extremely handy vehicle. A well-built truck provides passengers security in the event of a traffic collision and also gives the driver a higher view (which is great for the driver’s self-esteem). The plentiful cargo space the truck bed provides also makes one extremely popular among friends, acquaintances, and anyone else who needs to move large objects over long distances. A truck (especially one that’s been fitted with off-road tires and a quality suspension lift kit) can be taken into some pretty inhospitable and unforgiving terrains. And as if this wasn’t enough, a truck bed provides a great platform for mounting a machine gun in the event of a terrorist attack or alien invasion. Because trucks offer such a wide array of benefits, truck theft can be rather commonplace.

Percentage of People Who Have Trucks

Lest you think it’s only car owners who need to watch out for thieves, you should know that plenty of trucks and SUVs make the list among the most stolen vehicles. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Dodge Ram pickups were the most stolen vehicle in 2004, F-150s were #1 in 1997, and Toyota pickups had the honor in 1988. In terms of new vehicles that are stolen, Cadillac Escalades are the most likely (with 10.8 out of every thousand stolen). The Ford F-250 also makes the top 4. So while in terms of sheer numbers, cars are more often stolen, when it comes to percentages, truck owners have little reason for complacency. Below are a few ways to help secure your vehicle and reduce the likelihood of having it stolen.

Security Alarm for Your Truck

A good security alarm system will alert the entire surrounding area that something bad is happening. While it’s true that many people have become so numb to this commonplace sound that their only reaction is to turn the volume up on their televisions, this mainly applies to people who themselves don’t have such an alarm. People who do have an alarm are likely to take a peek and make sure some evildoer isn’t getting his or her grubby hands on their vehicles. Furthermore, the mere annoyance of the sound is likely to deter all but the deafest of vehicle thieves!

Prevention is the Best Cure

There are a number of other security-based accessories that can help deter truck theft or help you retrieve your vehicle once this atrocity has taken place. Installing a truck club on your vehicle may sound funny, and it may earn you a few laughs from friends and foes alike, but a potential truck thief will not find it so humorous. Even if he or she is equipped with the needed tools to circumvent this item, it will still take time to implement. That time can mean the difference between a successful truck ride into the sunset and an unpleasant journey up the river.

Protecting Your Truck from Item Theft

So now that we’ve covered how to keep would-be truck thieves at bay, what about thieves who simply want to break into your truck to steal certain items? How do you protect your brand new MP3 player or that fancy new Louis Vuitton that has kept you slightly ahead of the pack as of late? There are a few things you can do to save your valuable items and keep intruders from shattering your windows in hopes of obtaining something new.

Tonneua Covers to Cover Your Truck Bed

A tonneau cover is a great way to hide whatever you have in your truck bed. Whether you’re storing tools, hunting/fishing/camping gear, snowboards, or your entire Barry Manilow 8-track collection, a tonneau cover will keep prying eyes from knowing what they’re missing. Choose a hinged or roll-up tonneau cover, electrical or manual, Extang or Truxedo, and the contents of your truck bed will be hidden from plain view. If you’d like to go a step further and prevent an intruder from getting past your tonneau cover all together, then you may want to stick to a heavy-duty hard tonneau cover.

Common Sense Goes a Long Way

There’s no substitute for common sense (except maybe the Indy 500), so lock your doors and roll up your windows. Don’t leave valuable items in plain view, no matter how much you’d like to show off that new pog collection you bought yourself for Christmas. Try and park your truck within view of your home or close to your location. If you can’t manage to find a spot close by, try and find a spot with high public visibility. Do you have a dog? A barking dog is an excellent deterrent. It doesn’t even have to be a Rottweiler, Pit Bull, or German Shepherd. In fact, a Poodle or Chihuahua will likely suffice since small dogs generally make the most racket.